Save Family GPS watches: the smartwatch for the whole family.


*To Spain and the Balearic Islands

The SaveFamily GPS smartwatch gives you more freedom with more security and peace of mind. SaveFamily GPS watches have one main objective: Keeping families connected, allowing and encouraging children to explore, experiment and develop in total security.

We are also a Spanish company, a market leader in GPS watches with integrated phones for the whole family. Thousands of people use our products every day with a high level of satisfaction.

The New Generation 4G is now here.

We are proud to present the latest range of smartwatches: SaveFamilyGPS New Generation 4G. A step forwards with 4G technology incorporated into our latest model, allowing you to connect to Wi-Fi networks and make video calls – something even Apple watches can’t do!

The various ranges of SaveFamily GPS watches.

Our watches come in a variety of different models to suit each individual person. First we have the GPS smartwatch for children called SaveKids®, then we have the range for teenagers called SaveJunior®, and we also have a model for elderly people called SaveSenior®.

 reloj inteligente GPS niños infantil

Reloj para niños con localizador GPS y llamada de emergencia

 reloj inteligente GPS adolescente presadolescente jovenes

Reloj para niños con localizador GPS y llamada de emergencia

 reloj inteligente GPS para personas mayores

Reloj para adultos con localizador GPS

What’s special about a SaveFamily GPS smartwatch?

These are some of the main features that make our smartwatch unique. Water resistant with a GPS tracking system and the option for remote listening are some of the benefits of a SaveFamily GPS watch.

 reloj inteligente GPS geolocalizacion

Route monitoring.

Anti-harassment feature.

 reloj inteligente GPS chat

Chat with audio and text messages in real time.

 reloj inteligente GPS botón SOS

SOS call button.

Mark out safety zones

Make and receive calls to and from numbers that you choose.

 reloj inteligente GPS acuatico

Several of our GPS watches have an IP67 waterproof rating.

 reloj inteligente GPS podometro

Also includes a step counter, date and time.

Discover the different models of SaveFamily GPS watches.

We know that every stage of life is unique, which is why we offer kids, teens and adult GPS watches with various options to meet varying needs.
With a SaveFamily smartwatch, you can make and receive calls safely and easily. Without access to an internet browser or social media. You can authorise up to 15 contacts on the monitoring app.


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