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GPS watch for adults. High quality. Measures heart rate.


GPS watch for adults in brown or black. Save Family

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GPS watch for adults. High quality. Measures heart rate.

reloj con gps localizador para personas mayores savefamily

Smartwatch with integrated phone and GPS. Make and receive calls only with the phone numbers you choose. Designed for the older generation. Leather strap. Peace of mind for the whole family. Very useful for people with sensory problems, a tendency to get lost or in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Special screen. High visibility. Stylish design. Works using push buttons rather than a touchscreen. Especially designed for the older generation so they can make maximum use of the device.

App and watch screen completely in English. High quality. Long battery life. Tracks location using 3 different positioning systems: GPS, WIFI and LBS.

Measures heart rate. Route monitoring: Identify the places where the person has been. Anti-harassment feature. If you suspect something is wrong, find out what’s going on in the watch’s surroundings. SOS button. Call one of the pre-selected numbers at just the touch of a button. Anti-spam filter. Make and receive calls, but only to and from numbers that you choose. Splash resistant rating IP65: perfect for washing hands with it on. High-resolution digital time display. Comes with USB charger cable and instruction manual. 100% in English.

Locate the watch wherever it is. Total peace of mind.

Remote Peace of Mind feature. Connect to the watch’s microphone to make sure everything is OK.

Save family relojes con gps para niños y adultos

You can set alarms which are very useful as reminders, for example to take medication.

SOS button. Always connected in any kind of emergency.

Also includes a step counter, date and time.

Calling function. The watch can be used to make and receive calls.

Splash resistant rating IP65: resistant to splashes of water.

Security perimeter. Receive a notification if it leaves the designated safety area.

Perfect for ensuring that the elderly person is where they should be and can call for help in the event of an emergency.

Don’t miss out on the perfect accessories for your elderly persons’ SaveFamily smartwatch with GPS tracker:

replacement charger and cable!


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