Iconic Plus Watch with GPS and Calling

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We keep the same features as always: GPS, CHAT, SOS, calls, video calls and we add new ones: music and video player, video and audio recording, secure access to Play Store, Whatsapp option, caller ID, timer, Bluetooth for file sharing. INCLUDING CHARGE.


And much more!

Secure agenda | Safe zone | Video calls | Historical route | Class mode | SOS button | Camera

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The smartwatch for children – youth
most advanced in the world.
Exclusive SaveFamily.

With its new 1000 mAh battery you can enjoy your watch to the fullest. Limited Play Store access allows you to download apps such as Whatsapp or games. Activate the class lock mode so you can take it to school without any problems.
Do you have more SaveFamily friends? Connect up to 4 SaveFamilies in your friends module.

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Built-in stopwatch to beat yourself or have exciting competitions with your friends


Dance, dance, dance…!!! all your favourite songs on your watch with gps to listen to them however you like (headphones, speakers…).

Play store

Access to secure and limited downloads. You will be able to download games, calculator and Whatsapp!


Record and playback videos. Stimulates the artist in them. They will have a great time exploiting all their creativity.

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New Iconic Plus 

The new SaveFamily ICONIC + incorporates the most powerful 1000mah battery on the market so that the ride doesn’t stop!!!! Your child will be amazed by the new functions, video, music, whatsapp games, audios. The only watch that combines fun, safety and communication. They won’t want a mobile, they will want the ICONIC+.

Iconic + 

The new GPS watch from Savefamily, the most advanced watch on the market with unique features, where you will find: stopwatch, MP4, MP3, Play store, while maintaining all the previous features.

We keep the same features of the other 4G models: chat, SOS, anti-harassment module, GPS, IP67 waterproof…

Instant geolocation

Individual and group video call

Integrated Wi-Fi connection

Chat function

Long battery life

SOS Button

More fun More security More peace of mind

Communicate via phone or video calls,
have fun with audio and video recording and the stopwatch,
learn with maths games and above all, enjoy your new
enjoy your new Iconic +!


  • Waterproof IP67
  • 4G/3G/H+
  • 1.6 MP
  • 2.5 TFT-Touch OGS
  • 5 x 16cm
  • 1000 mAh battery
  • Android 8
  • Compatible with Android and IOS
  • 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory


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